what did the rabbi mean by
turn the world upside down?

He meant that we cannot simply continue to do things the way we’ve always done them and then, as the saying goes, expect a different result.

He meant that if we want to transform the world into a world of goodness and kindness, then we have to radically transform our approach.

Be part of this transformative journey in your personal life and as a community member.


We are determined to see things from a different perspective

We are determined to turn the world upside down; to force ourselves to see things from a different perspective, and not stop until we have literally uplifted and inspired as many people in our country as possible!

— Meyer Kahn

“To chair a Drive that is focused and dedicated to Changing Our world For Good is a privilege and indeed comes with profound responsibility.”

— Paul Winer

Join us as we… reach beyond whatever we have done before…


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