Dear Friend,

We have one goal at Chabad House – to work tirelessly to change people’s lives, and our world for good. To do whatever is necessary to create miracles in everyday situations.

It is a job to which we remain fully committed as we continue to develop and enhance our programmes in order to reach as many people as possible – from children, young adults, adults and seniors, both within the Jewish community, and far beyond!

Never under-estimate the true value of your support! Every single contribution goes such a long way in ensuring that we remain focused on the task at hand, and soldier on to continue doing the crucial work we do.

Yours sincerely,

Rabbi David H. Masinter

The Miracle Drive Committee / Trustees

Meyer Kahn (President), Paul Winer (Chairman), Robert Brozin (Creative Director), Larry Lipschitz, Ivan Epstein, Gary Kaplan, Martin Krok, Theo Rutstein, David Shapiro, Mandy Yachad, Rabbi David Masinter, Rabbi Michael Katz, Rabbi Ari Kievman, Rabbi Pini Pink

Meyer Kahn

President’s Letter

The Miracle Drive Season is once again upon us. When we launched our first campaign twenty nine years ago none of us could have imagined that from such humble beginnings it would miraculously eventuate into one of the largest fund raisers in the country. Thankfully it has led into an annual overwhelming success that has brought hope and sustenance of the body and the soul for those unfortunates in need. The Chabad Programmes are legendary and admired world wide. It continues to spread its wings and grows as circumstances become more uncertain and demanding.

It is a well known truth that if one wants to travel fast one should travel alone. On the other hand if one wants to travel far one should travel together ……that is what Miracle Drive is all about. It remains the oil in the machine that makes the world a better place to live in.

The success of this venture is entirely due to the loyalty and commitment of our donors, sponsors and supporters. For all this I thank you with my whole being and respectfully appeal to you to continue with your noble contributions.

Meyer Kahn

Paul Winer

Chairman’s Letter

Against a backdrop of world upheavals and an age of uncertainty, it is so important to have a truly anchored and directed Drive to enhance lives and give people much-needed support and direction.

It is once again a great honour to chair Miracle Drive which drives miracles in so many lives, enabling them all to be productive and make the world a much better place.

Paul Winer

Paul Winer



Nissan SA is proud to continue our support of Miracle Drive for the 29th consecutive year! Over the years we have been privy to the crucial impact that Miracle Drive has had on the lives on countless people, and therefore truly understand the value of supporting Miracle Drive’s noteworthy projects and programmes!

Mike Whitfield
MD Nissan SA and President

Standard Bank

Standard Bank

Standard Bank is a proud and committed supporter of Miracle Drive. The amount of people in desperate need of help in our beloved country is overwhelming, yet despite this, Miracle Drive remains undeterred in their mission to assist and uplift as many people as possible, from all walks of life. This unwavering determination inspires us to partner with an organization that works tirelessly to change our world for good!

Ben Kruger
Chief Executive of Standard Bank Group

Young Drivers

Young Drivers

As the Chairman of the Miracle Drive Young Drivers Committee over the past year, I have come to understand the enormous plight a welfare organization of this magnitude faces on a day-to-day basis. The work involved is infinite, yet the Miracle Drive team strives to remain innovative and dynamic in their outreach projects and programmes, in order to assist those who need the help.

The support of the younger generation is imperative in ensuring the continuation and growth of these projects and programmes.

Martin Smooker
Chairman of Young Drivers

Your opportunity to be part of the tapestry, driving the miracles that will help to Change our World for Good