Grow your life Library project

20 Functional libraries donated and currently operating
Will continue to expand in more areas

Our Libraries currently operate in the following areas:

  • Blair Athol Primary School
  • Grow Your Life Pimville Community
  • Ikusasalethu Freedom Park NGO
  • Ikusasalethu Primary School
  • Lesedi Primary School
  • Protea South Primary School
  • Malatji Community
  • Molaetsa Primary School
  • P.S Tsosane Primary School
  • Paradise Bend Primary School
  • Pretoria Primary School
  • Tsholetsega Primary
  • Umtholo Primary School
  • W.K Maponyane Primary School
  • Women of Desinty NGO
  • Zonkezizwe East Rand Primary School
  • Dr. Knak Primary School
  • Qoqisizwe Primary School
This project qualifies for B.E.E Points

*B.E.E points applicable for 100% of your donation.

We will need to receive written confirmation specifying that the donor wishes for their money to be used for one of our B.E.E eligible programmes in order to ring-fence and ear-mark 100% of the donation to one of these programmes.

Your opportunity to be part of the tapestry, driving the miracles that will help to Change our World for Good